Healthy & Happy Piglets Available for Sale

Vero Pig Farm in Totong, Hinoba-an

We don’t use synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms or products.
Animal welfare, stipulates that living conditions must consider the natural needs
of the animals for free movement, social behaviour, food, water, shade and sunlight.
Welcome to make reservation for piglets and for Lechon!

You Get Best Quality, VPF Piglets!

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Piglets from Vero Pig Farm

Latest news: 32 Newborn Piglets, read article and watch the video!

Opening hours

Monday-Sat: 9AM - 6PM
Sunday: 10AM - 4PM
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Complete vaccination and
medication for all our pigs
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Piglets for Sale

We feed our pigs with
the best nutritional food...
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Healthy Piglets from Vero Pig Farm

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Purok Sampaguita, Sitio, Totong
Brgy. Talacagay, Hinoba-an

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