Vero Pig Farm in Totong, Hinoba-an

About Us at Vero Pig Farm

We are devoted to our work and we want to give you the highest quality of piglets!
How to find Vero Pig Farm
Purok Sampaguita, Sitio, Totong Brgy. Talacagay, Hinoba-an



MJ Part Owner and The Great Boss
Together with our “Mascot”



Staffan, Part Owner and Manager.
With his favorite sow, Madame Hipo


Part Owner & Pig Master

Mikael, Part Owner, pig master and constructor.
All the sows and all piglets just love him…


Our Mascot

Michelle Veronique “Vero” inspired to to the name of the farm…
She’s born June 19, 2016 her nickname is Vero
Already she can handle GSD all the piglets and sows.
She loves to be at the farm with all animals…


Guards on Duty

Blixten and Valpis, two German Shepherd Dogs.
The guards on duty on the farm.

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MJ The Boss
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