Piglets for Sale in June

30 piglets for sale

Piglets for Sale in June

40 piglets 4 sale at Vero Pig Farm

Fantastic nature: Our piglets have nice and clean pig houses, surrounded by amazing nature and fresh air.
Nutritional Food: We feed our pigs with the best nutritional food
Veterinarian: Vaccination and medication for all our piglets.
CCTV: We care about our pigs.
We keep track of what is happening at the farm 24/7
Two GSD: Primarily for security purposes.

How to find us

Vero Pig Farm, located in Totong, Brgy. Talacagay, Hinoba-an

30 piglets 4 sale
30 piglets 4 sale in Totong, Hinoba-an

Piglets for Lechon

Weight: below 50 kg / 110 lbs | Price: 130 per kilo
You can preorder now, for delivery in end of May
Price may change without prior notice

30 piglets 4 sale

30 piglets for Lechon

We breed and sell top quality piglets.
We use nutritional supplementation from leading feed suppliers.

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