Vero Pig Farm in Hinoba-an, Negros

Madame Bella, Landrace 100%

Vero Pig Farm

Madame Bella

25% Landrace
Born: 2018, June
She’s a happy, healthy and a pretty sow, with a great temper.
For sure she will have many healthy piglets.

Madame Bella and her piglets
Madame Bella and her piglets
Madame Bella and Mikael
Madame Bella and Mikael

Vero Pig Farm

Madame Bella, seven new piglets

06/23/2020 she gave birth to 7 healthy and pretty piglets.
01/08/2020 she gave birth to 9 healthy and pretty piglets. Five females and four males!
The PigMaster Mikael give her love, care and attention.
Madame Bella really appreciates it when Mikael gives her a massage.

Healthy Piglets from Vero Pig Farm

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Purok Sampaguita, Sitio, Totong
Brgy. Talacagay, Hinoba-an

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