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About MJ

Mary Jane Bialous

Everybody calls me by my nickname MJ
I’m born in Hinoba-an and after many years I made my decision to go back to my roots. That’s why I started my business here. I love nature and people in Negros they are open-minded and friendly. My family enjoys the time here too!
I’m married and I have a wonderful daughter, Vero, and two German Shepherd Dogs.

MJ The Boss


Co-Founder and Part Owner

Education & Experience
  • Business & Management
  • Farm Owner
  • Designer

Vero Pig Farm

Work & Pleasure

It’s a hard work on the farm, especially when we started construction.
I appreciate all help and advice I got and still get.
Our goal is to have happy and healthy piglets and satisfied customers.
You are always welcome to visit Vero Pig Farm!

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MJ The Boss
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