Detector dog to guard against African Swine Fever

detector dog

Detector dog

Detector dog digs into VPF to guard against African Swine Fever (ASF).

Prevent a Disastrous

Australia’s readiness to prevent a disastrous African swine fever outbreak has been strengthened with deployment of a detector dog capable of sniffing out potential threats in Darwin, as part of the Liberal and Nationals Government efforts to guard against a biosecurity breach.
Train your dog and you can use him/her for every kind of services.
Can you imagine a world without dogs on duty?
African swine fever — potentially the biggest animal disease event the world has ever seen!

Vero Pig Farm, Dogs on Duty

To prevent whatever what can come up, we have both CCTV and Dogs on Duty
And of course, complete vaccination and medication for all our sows and piglets

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We guarantee to deliver healthy and happy piglets.

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