About Staffan

Staffan Andersson

Staffan is the Manager
He commute between Sweden and Philippines.
When he’s in Sweden he yearn to come back, to his sows and piglets and of course for his diving…
More to come about him..!



Co-Founder and Part Owner

He enjoy time with the pigs and he loves Philippines, especially the place around the farm.
Fresh air and beautiful nature.
His interest is also diving.

Madame Hipo

Staffan love and care about all the sows and piglets, but Madame Hipo is his favorite…

You can order or preorder piglets weight below 50 kg (110 lbs) or above 50 kg
1. Buy pigs liveweight, the cost for the meat itself.
2. The other is the cost for the butchering, cutting, wrapping, smoking, etc.

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