Vero The Swineherd

Vero The Swineherd, she’s a natural talent, born 2016 but already she takes care of
our sows, piglets and dogs, at Vero Pig Farm in Totong, Hinoba-an
Swineherd is a person who tends pigs.

Vero The Swineherd

Vero Pig Farm

Pigs and Dogs

I have two German Shepherds, Valpis and Blixten. My dad learned and taught me about dogs. Blixten and I, we are more or less siblings, we grow up together. Valpis take care of us when mom and dad is not close by… Mom learned and taught me about pigs. I’m from Cebu but I love to be at our farm.


Our Maskot

My name is Michelle Veronique but my nickname is “Vero” so probably my mom named the farm after me…
Vero The Swineherd
Vero The Swineherd

Blixten - GSD

Blixten help me with the piglets


After feeding the piglets, it’s time for them to relax in their new pighouse. You can order now or pre order piglets for later delivery
Vero The Swineherd
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